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The so-called contemporary non-holistic European diet is based upon denatured, highly refined, processes and synthetically chemicalized non-foods. This modern stuff looks like food, tastes like food, smells like food, but amounts to chemical waste - junk food. The most damaging, criminals in the modern diet are bleached white flour and white sugar. Bleached flour is constipating because it has no fibre (non-digestible roughage). Fibre allows food to exercise and cleans the digestive organs and leaves the body at a normal rapid rate. Further, it is robbed of over 22 vitamins and minerals. White sugar has no fibre, no nutrients and increases the sugar level in the body beyond its natural level which results in nutrient deprivation in the body. Fried food are also non-digestable, constipating, and partially used by the body.

The combination of these foods with edible drugs such as preservatives, additives and dyes result in behaviour control. It is common knowledge  that chemical (drugs, aspirin, depressants, amphetamines) control behavior and the eating of these chemicals indirectly causes behavior change and contribute to robotized nutritional slavery. Historically, coprolite (fossil food and feces) studies reveal a natural diet in Africans. The scientific analysis of coprolites verifies that Africans ate whole foods, bee pollen, herbs, nuts, raw vegetables, and some cooked foods of a vast variety. Ancient fossilized African foods in no way resemble modern foods. Moreover, eating this modern diet is against life and against African wisdom when applied to wholistic medicine, health and diets.

African Empires, civilizations, music, art, philosophy, science, medicine and culture were built on wholistic foods and medicine. Blacks who eat a modern diet are being oppressed and enslaved by whites through their stomachs. This dietary enslavement results in dis-eases, constipation and bodily destruction. Eating this modern junk food (chemical waste) results in the abandonment  of Black acculturated diet and a march away from African culture. Furthermore, any social cry of lack Liberation by a nation of constipated Blacks is a cultural joke. Blacks must revolutionize their diets, Africanize European wholistic health treatments and reclaim their stomach. There are no people who are free if they are controlled by another people's foods. In ancient Africa, diet as well as all other activities, were wholistic  (including psychic and spiritual energies).


African wholistics is still a part of Black culture. Wholism in Black culture is based upon "concept." Concept is the inclusion of every part of the picture. For example, Black "concept" thinking (whole picture or story) when applied to health, as well as language, is evident. Blacks use the word "bad" and it has many meanings based upon the particular story (concept) in which it is used. "Bad" can mean fine, excellent, expensive, intelligent, sex and terrible. it takes its meaning from the context of the whole picture (story) However, European cultures' health, as well as language, is analytical (meaning divide, fragment, isolate). Subsequently, bad means bad and the further conjugation (i.e., bad, baddest), of the word are all that are considered).

European wholistics is not inherently concept-oriented. it is fragmented. Subsequently, it can analyze the nutritional worth of herbs and foods, by not the psychic and spiritual use of herbs. Furthermore, anything that cannot be done in a so-called scientific laboratory (analysis) does not exist. Often when Euro-centric scientists mention African wholistic herbal use (a science of herbs over 10,000 years old), it is negatively called voodoo, witchcraft, mysticism or cultural ignorance. This is European cultural bias and racism. Actually, African wholistic (Afro-centric) health, herbal medicine and food utilizes the total energies of the plants rather than the partial energies (nutrients). So it followed that a whole person was treated by a whole plant. The primary differences between European and African wholistic healthis in the concept and analytical (fragmentation) thinking.

African wholism never divided or fragmented a plant to understand its personality. Plant personalities are very specific properties associated with a particular plant. Notwithstanding, a " plant personality" causes it to heat or cool a particular part of the body or organ. It also affects the speed or slowness of its use in the body. Also, attention has to be given to its life cycle, the time of day it is picked, and the day of week it is prepared. Aside from these wholistic factors, the personality of the disease has to be given attention. Primarily because a disease represents a physical, mental and spiritual disturbance.

Subsequently, the wholistic view of the plant , as well as the person taking the herb, are factors. Plant personality dictated the choice of plant (herb) to use in African wholistic dis-ease treatment, because dividing a herb destroys understanding. It is like having two blind people describe an elephant - the one at the tail says the elephant is skinny, and the one at the foot describes the elephant as tall with a shell (toenails). Accordingly, dividing a herb not only destroys it, but it also destroys the effects of the characteristics (plant personality).

The choice is simple Blacks who accept another culture's definition of health, medicine and food are enslaved by that culture via their stomachs. These nutritional slaves can be seen smoking tobacco and marijuana cigarettes ( a non food which destroys the oxygenation of blood, produces poor quality sperm) using synthetic drugs, sodas (a synthetic chemicalized non-food), eating white sugar products (1.e., candies, pastries-which produce low and high blood sugar and sugar addiction), bleached white flour(produces a vitamin deficiency and cancer).drinking alcohol (destroys the brain cells eating denatured fast foods, and many other non-wholistic foods.

So it follows that these nutritional Uncle Toms and dietary slaves do have European sexual practices (having sex outside the natural mating season). The end result of this enslavement produces slaves who eat like Europeans and have sexual relations like Europeans. These slaves by African wholistic definition are Europeanized Blacks. The "overlooked revolution" or Africanization of lack health (Afro-centric health) can no longer be overlooked.

African Holistic Health: (Third Edition) Llila O. Afrika: Dick Gregory  


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