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Overweight - Obesity

Overweight is a bodily reaction to a faulty diet. In other words, overeating causing weight gain.Fat accumulates around the gut because it is weakened by non-foods. However, the reason for overeating must be whostically solved or else overweight will continue. Excess weight (fat) is actually extra cells the body has to maintain. These cells are homes for toxic waste. It is also a waste of bodily energies. The fat tries to insulate the weak organs by keeping their low energy production protected. The fat increases as the organs' functions decrease. Fat becomes a storage place for waste and inhibits the cells' abilities to regain health.

The appestate (appetite control mechanism) can be imbalanced by emotional stress, physical shocks (dis-eased organs) and spiritual causes. Cases of overweight due to glandular disorders are infrequent, whereas cases of malnuitrition due to faulty diet are the majority.undernourishment causes deteriorated organs to accumulate fat as a means of disposal of cell waste and toxins. This begins to choke the healthy cells, decrease cell life and alter the path of blood food supplies. The body has to increase its food to the fat and decrease its food to healthy cells. Fat is another symptom of starvation (lack of vital nutrients) and dis-ease.




Vitamin A, B complex, B6, B12, C, Niacin, E and D. Also, calcium, Choline magnesium, zinc, inositol, lecithin, kyolic, Brewer's yeast.


Saffron, Licorice root, Black Chaparral, Irish Moss, Chickweed, kelp, Echniacea,fennel,Mendrake, sassafras, gotu kola.

Pomegranate, Karamboa,papaya, cherry, orange, grapefruits, lemon, cabbage bottoms, celery. All fresh fruits and vegetables. no junk foods. a book such as Be Slim and Be Healthy by l.Clark is informative.



 Ornithine, Arginine, Phenylalanine


Calc. Phos. 
Pituitary, Thymus   



The eyes are often abused. They require exercise and a diet of colors. Colors are obtained from sunlight. Sunlight has a rainbow (iris-means rainbow) of color, light ray heat. These colors nourish and stimulate the pituitary gland, pineal and other glands. The eyes are abused by artificial light, distorted light (eyeglasses do this) and radiation from cars, television computer screens, and poor reading light.

Eyes are also abused by European medical scientists called doctors. This branch of medical science was created from an eyeglass fad and ignorance. In this science they demand that every individual have the same 20/20 vision acuity. This is a physiological absurd demand. For example, a group of athletes at peak performance cannot all run a 100-yard dash in 9.4 seconds. It is an undisputed fact and accepted by athletes and even medical doctors. Yet, the eyes (another physical apparatus like the legs) are asked to perform a physical task with no regard to physical limitations of the same group of athletes.

Moreover, this so-called proffession forces people to wear eyeglasses (contacts) and this degenerates the eyes. Consequently, if an individual does not abuse his or her eyes then medical science will. A raw food diet, proper eye exercise, and health awareness can avoid eye problems

VITAMINS:Vitamin A, B complex, C, D, E

AMINO ACID:Trytophan, Glutamine

MINERALS: Zinc, Calcium

HOMEOPATHIC:Nat. Phos., Kali, Mur.

HERBS:Eye bright, goldenseal, Bayberry, Orchic, Cayenne, Raspberry leaves.

GLANDULAR: Thyroid, Liver, Porenal

FOODS:All fresh fruits and vegetables,carambola, no junk foods.

EYE DROPS: Can be made from goldenseal and eyebright tea and a drop of honey. Squeeze the juice from fresh grape leaves, put a drop in each eye.

Books such as Better Eyesight Without Glasses by H. Benjamin and Vision Victory via Vitamins, Vital foods and Visual trainin g by D. Deimel are beneficial reading.

Reference: African Holistic Health: Llaila O. Afrika



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