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Three days after discontinuing the practice, laboratory test results showed significant improvements in the patient's potassium and serum bicarbonate levels. 

What are hypokalaemia and metabolic alkalosis?

The journal of Medical Toxicology, states: "Hypokalaemia is the most common serious issue of sodium bicarbonate intoxication, and it may worsen alkalosis."

The condition is diagnosed when there are suboptimal levels of potassium in the bloodstream, the nutrient responsible for carrying electrical cells in your body.

Potassium is pivotal for the functioning of various muscle and nerve cells, particularly those in the heart. 

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"A very low potassium level can be life-threatening and requires urgent medical attention," cautions the Mayo Clinic.

In metabolic alkalis, Cleveland Clinic explains that there is an "excess of bicarbonate in the body fluids".

"Metabolic alkalosis due to excessive intake of bicarbonate is not usually seen because the kidney responds to a high bicarbonate load by increasing bicarbonate excretion," explains the Journal of Medical Toxicology.

When bicarbonate excretion is impaired, however, it may accumulate in the body and cause toxic reactions such as alkalosis.