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Medicines Machines and Ignorance-2

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Medicines Machines and Ignorance-2 

Machines (Modern gadgets) do not possess wisdom. Machines such as computers will send checks to dead people and death notices to live people. Also, a machine such as a gun will kill a child or an innocent person because guns do not possess wisdom. A thermometer will register the human temperature at 98.6. However, a thermometer cannot register  (indicate) whether temperature of the body is moist, wet, dry, hot, earth, air, fire or water.

Additionally, the energy projected from the eyes was classified by the temperature system. Eye-projected energy can be felt. Occasionally, an inorganic  (untrained) individual can feel another person staring at him/ her while their back is turned away from the person. This is an example of registering the eye energy upon the back. In ancient medicine all practitioners developed this ability and capacity to feel and utilize sublime energy wholistically (organically).

Wholistic abilities gave the medical scientist vast sublime resources for diagnosis of dis-ease states and treatments. Sublime odors were classified. Each organ produces a specific odor whether health or dis-eased. These odors were classified as sweet, bitter, salty, pungent and sour. Also, they were classified as earth, water, air, fire and etherean.

Additionally, energy projected by the ears pulse, nose, breath, hair and skin were also classified. These are but a few of the sublime human abilities a medical practitioner developed and utilized in disease detection and treatment. The non-wholistic thinkers are trying to copy wholistic human abilities with machines. Machines can only use coarse energy (electrical, nuclear, gas, ect.) while humans can use fine mental, spiritual and physical energy. The humans are not limited to one energy input. Consequently, they are not limited to one energy  to output.

Human beings can wholistically  use all energy (psychic, spiritual) to diagnose and treat dis-ease. It is a wholistic diagnosis of a wholistic human which gives a wholistic treatment. No machine, gadget or technology can wholistically perform this "unless it relies on the fuel of the human mind, spirit and body." The House of Light by Paul Ghalioune gave has further information.

Non wholistic medicine (i.e., European) is trying to duplicate African wholistic non-fuel driven machine medicine. It is a failure of medical science, culture and civilization to substitute electrical and fuel driven machines for human ability. And, this is perhaps reflected in the overabundance of physical dis-eases, cultural psychosis  (social wars) and spiritual failures (individuals profess belief in God and yet steal, lie, murder and kill for a particular government or self.)

Contemporary electrical and fuel driven machines are limited and their usage indicates an ignorance and a failure to develop human ability in medicine. African medicinal science used machines that relied upon wholistic human energy for usage. Ancient African wholistic health science produced many healing instruments.

These instruments required  the usage of higher developed psychic and spiritual energy for proper use . The names of these instruments have been distorted and acculturated by Europeans. Moreover, these healing and diagnostic devices are labelled as toys and games.

The games of "chess" and "checkers" are extracted from an African healing device called Draughts. This device looks exactly like chess except the so-called playing board has 27  squares which are laid out in 3 rows of squares with 9 columns. Each column of 9 squares represent the 9 energy forces (Chakras) of the individual respectively; 9 columns for the body 9 for the mind and 9 for the spirit.

The so-called playing pieces were placed in a Terra Cotta bowl or cloth bag and mixed by shaking. Next, the pieces were removed (without looking) and placed on the board from right to left. Incidentally, the pieces have meanings similar to "tarot cards." In any case, these divining statues (pieces) once placed on the board were read to diagnose the illness and prescribe treatment.

"Bowling" is also an African healing and diagnostic instrument mistaken for a game. Actually it is the pyramidal and divining egg device. The so-called pins (chakras) were placed in a pyramid shape, each pin representing an organ, mind state and spirit state in the body. next, the divining egg (bowling ball) was programmed with the aura of the patient (a witness of cloth or hair used). Then the ball was rolled to strike the pins.

Next, the healer would read the pins based upon how they fell, the direction they lay in and according to what matrix they formed. finally, the healer would then program the ball (egg) and strike the pins (chakras) causing the patient's health to be excited.

The "Sliding Board" is actually the African "negative gravity ionic device." This instrument usually had an electromagnetically charged board and (12 or 24) magnet charged steps. These steps (chakra planes) were used to recharge the positive chakra forces while the board was used to stimulate pineal gland vibration and increase circulation to the brain. The patient would slide down the board head first and/or feet first according to the type of treatment necessitated.

The "Swing" is another ill-named African healing instrument. The horizontial bar would support the swing, this bar would be suspended and attached to vertical support posts (three posts) which were arranged in a pyramid shape. All the posts and the horizontal bar would be charged by magnets. Thus, the patient would swing through the electromagnetic force field, the alpha-gamma rays the pyramidal energy field would cause polarization of energies on a psychic and physical level. This is a Pendulum Pyramidal Healing Device.

The "See Saw" or African Electromagnetic Adjustable Alignment Board is an ancient healing device. It was arranged in a circular sphere according to the organ being treated  (see Eye Chart), and alpha ray energy angular wave needed. Also, the board was placed  on a pyramid pivot with crystals or metals  (see Crystal and Metal charts) as a counterbalance for the dis-eased patient.

Then, the patient would be caused to "see saw" according to the rhythm vibrations  (see Music chart) of the dis-eased organ. This would result in polarization of the dis-eased organ. The internal organ vibration  adjustments caused by the electromagnetic force field of the board, pyramid, crystal and ionic wave force excited the healing care.

The above ancient African instruments are but a few of the many found in fossil remains, tombs and drawings. In the book Super-sen-sonics by Christopher Hill, healing devices are scientifically explained and validated to function. However, the demand for a wholistic life with higher human training was required for a healer to operate them. Consequently, European invaders and grave robbers (archaeologists) relegated them to toys and games.

Further, they used the instruments that could be validated by their science (primitive cartoon logic) and those devices which could be fuel driven. Other sources such as Magnetism and Its Effects on the Living System by A. Davis and W Rawls, Jr.
  • African science was complex and yet based on the physiology of the body and taught systematically.
  • Reference: African Holistic Health: Liaila O. Afrika-Dick Gregory





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