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African Wholistics - Medicine

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European orthodox medicine  - use of synthetic drugs and surgery - is organized to treat symptoms. African medicine was organized wholistically to treat the physical, mental and spiritual causes of disease. For, instance, the body tries to maintain  balance - homeostatis (which means a balanced state). Whenever the body is overloaded (biochemically imbalanced), it tries to get rid of the toxic (imbalanced) state. It uses urine and bowel movements to keep it free of toxics. Further, when these two fail, it uses the skin (bumps, acne, blackheads, herpes, rashes, measles, smallpox, etc.) to rid itself of toxins.

If this fails the body uses the lungs and nasal cavities to get rid of toxins (sinuses, running nose, bronchitis, catarrh). In addition, the body uses a warning signal such as a headache to notify you of toxic state. In African wholistic medicine, the cause of a toxic state would be treated through herbs and a cleansing diet. European medicine treats the symptoms with aspirin, cold suppressants, antihistamines, cough syrups and skin creams.

Consequently, the body remains toxic and fertile for another dis-ease condition. There are four factors  which are used to expoit Blacks' health, body, mind and spirit.

Wholistic Health: (Third Edition) Llila O. Afrika: Dick Gregory   


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