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The Children of the Sun-3

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The Children of the Sun-3

"What is history,"once asked the great Napoleon, "but a fiction agreed upon?" How truly has this agreement been kept by all American historians whenever the black races have been concerned! With what pains have they undertaken to say that certain peoples of antiquity were "not Negroes" and that "Negroes appear upon the monuments of ancients as slaves only." What standing can such historians as Ridpath and Myers and others have with scholars when they classify the Ethopian as a branch of the Caucasian race? Could the weeping Jeremiah but know that with a drop of ink an American has proven his logic faulty, he might then believe that a leopard can change its spots and thath those accustomed to do evil are capable of good.There is absolutely no grounds for such erroneous statements in the light of modern science. 

They may call Herodotus the father of lies instead of the father of history: they may say that the author of Genesis had a weakness for genealogy and decided to settle the vexed questions of racial origins by writing faulty ancestral records; possible, too, that all other scribes and tra\velers suffered from diseases of the mind and memory: but the tangible records in stone which these departed of earth's guests left behind them in token of their existence cannot be false. Whatever science has done or may do, one thing is certain; it has with indisputable evidence, in stone and picture, established for all time that the African was the master and not the slave, the conqueror and not the conquered, the civilized and not the savage.

When our minds wander back to the mystic maze of human beginnings they linger longest over that mysterious land throuh which flows the sacred nile. Whence came the first people who trod its allucial plain? Were they Nigritic wanderes from Equatorial Africa or Semites from lands beyon d the isthmus? Were they aboriginals--some type of humanity which, blended with all sorts of races, has melted away and left no human trace except some occasional and abnormal form, such as Nature throws out from time to time like recurrent thought in the cosmic mind, some dim recollection  of a vanished past? Who were they? They themselves believed that they were autochthones of the soil. In their legends they tell how their first ancestors rose from the black mud of the Nile before the Creator finished the world, so anxious were the gods to behold their birth, and they gave their country the name of "Chemi," meaning "the land of the black people."

The greatest authority upon Egypt alive today and the man who has done more actual excavation work in Egypt than any other, living or dead, William Flinders Petrie, asks in his great work upon Egyptian history: " Whence came the invading race- the high caste race- who founded the dynastic history? The ancient writers considered them Ethiopians and they came from the South, and certainly in no other quarter, Libyan, Syrian or Anatolian, can we find an analogous people." Again, from his lecture upon " Religion and Conscience in  Ancient Egypt," he says, in reference to a statue discovered in Egypt: "Ther is a coarse type of mulatto appearance; and as it is certain  anatomically that there  is much Negro blood in the oldest Egyptians, we have one element of the mulatto in evidence.

Juba, the Numidian King and writer, says: " The Ethopians assert that Egypt is one of their colonies; there are striking likenesses between the laws and customs of both lands; the kings wear the same dress and the uraeus adorns their diadem." There is much more to substantiate this close relationship. In consulting the Egyptian inscriptions we find that without exception the south always comes first. The kings of the south are always mentioned before the kings of the North. In the mythological inscriptions we read that Horus first resided in the south, and, coming down the river, conquered the country as far as the sea. The Egyptian ever looks in the direction from whence his God came. 

To sum up the results obtained and the conclusions to be drawn from the study of the Egyptian monuments and remains, no better quotation can be used than one from an address of Dr. Rudolf Virchow, the famous founder of that branch of medicine known as cellular pathology. This eminent scientist was requested by the great german Anthropological Association to go to Egypt and study the monuments, temples, statues and other remains of the Egyptian civilization, and bring back some authoritative decision as to the racial relations of the Egyptian people.

He remained in Egypt for two years and on August 5, 1889, he delivered his answer to the association. His address began as follows: "I thought I could find by comparative examination of the living and the remains and pictures of the dead some points establishing the change of the ancient Egyptians into the Egyptians of historic times, but I have returned with the conviction that ancient Egypt and its neighboring countries have not essentially changed during all these periods.

If Menes really existed, then the Egyptians in his times were Negroes, since quite old mural paintings show Negroes with all their peculiarities." Almost identical is the conclusion reached by Edouard Naville, the famous French Archeologist, who startled the world a few years ago by discovering the tomb of Osiris, now one of the most wonderful ruins in Egypt. in his lecture upon " The Origin of Egyptian Civilization," delivered before the Royal Anthropological Institute, he compares all the great theories  as to the racial origin of the Egyptians and then, after reviewing his own facts, gathered after years of research, says: "it (Egypt) belongs to a nation  formed by an indigeneous stock, of African origin, among which, settled conquerors coming from Arabia, from the same starting point as the Chaldeans.

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