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An enema is the use of water (distilled, spring or boiled) or herbal teas injected in the rectum and colon, the purpose of the enema is to remove feces, worms and impurities.An enema is the use of water (distilled, spring or boiled) or herbal teas injected in the rectum and colon, the purpose of the enema is to remove feces, worms and impurities.

A high enema is performed with a colon tube ( which is 24" to 32" in length) attached to the tube of the enema bag and inserted into the anus; the tube passes through the rectum and into the colon. This type of enema reaches high into the large intestines  (colon). A colonic irrigation is an enema performed by using 10 to 30 gallons of water- a proctor is used and has a water in-flow tube and a waste out-flow tube attached.

It is also advised to use a vegetable and fruit juice diet for 1 week.Take ten gallons of water per high enema for 3 days. In this way the body will not be strained by the colonic irrigation and the process becomes more rhythmical and natural. The enemas tube should be lightly oiled and the anus should be lightly oiled before inserting the tube.Warm or slightly warm water is used. The herb teas are usually strained and allowed to cool before injecting.Enema bags can be purchased from a drugstore.

Sometimes, the colon tubes have to be purchased at a medical supply store. In any case, the fountain syringe is commonly used.Anthelminic Enemas (to get rid of worms)Worms are caused by underactive appendices, feces that pack and line around the colon, poor combination of food, ect. They can be felt crawling around , seen in the bowel movements or around the anus.Salt water (dissolve 1 2 cups of salt in water, warm and inject). Also add lime and lemon to warm water and inject.HERBS: Cascara, Sagrada, Henna, Horseradish, Aloe, Asafetida, Quassia, (see antihelmintic).


The colon sometimes becomes too weak to have natural muscle actions (peristalsis). Furthermore, the weakness is caused by packed feces around the colon lining, constipation, etc.

HERBS: Lobelia, Valerian, Hops, Camomile ( See Calminitive herbs).


The colon bleeds (hemorrhages due to straining the bowel movements). It is caused by constipation, weak muscles (prolapse), poor diet, etc. Ice cold water enemas are good (see astringent herb).


This type of enema softens hard caked feces.HERBS: Barley, Prune juice, Linseed oil, Psyllium.


Half to one cup molasses; add half cup horseradish and lemon juice (use 2 lemons) to 2 quarts of water.


Use cannabis sativa seeds as a tea (See sedatives)  


Add liquid soap to a herbal solution of ginger and horseradish.


This type of Enema is used to detoxify the body and is commonly used for severe-dis-eases.The garlic is an antibiotic and rids the body of harmful toxins while the caffeine in the coffee stimulates the muscles of the colon. It also travels up to the gall bladder and causes it to eliminate its contents.


Enemas of catnip or valerian for severe diarrhea were often used in Egypt.

HERBS: Lobelia, Comfrey, Mullein, Wild Rue.An enema is not to be relied upon for proper bowel movements. A natural foods diet helps to regulate the bowels.

The transitional time of food can be checked by eating 5 to 6 tablespoons of charcoal powder or tablets. Then look for the charcoal in the bowels. When it appears it will give you the time it takes for food to leave the body.The food should spend 4 hours in the stomach and 4 hours in the intestines (colon). Transitiona time should be no longer than 16 hours. If longer an enema may be needed along with a good diet.A way to avoid enemas and keep the colon clean is to take 2 tablespoons of Psyllium husk or seed (or powder) or flaxseed of Chia seeds daily. This will create natural fibre and mucous and it is not a laxative (irritant to digestive tract) or habit-forming.

Reference: African Holistic health: Liaila O. Afrika

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