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Arthritis is a dis-ease reaction and a symptom of a dis-ease. it is an inflammation caused by crystalized toxic waste from a constipating diet and earth mineral deposits in the joints.

The presence of arthritis can mean that the body is not dissolving and flushing out waste deposits of toxins or earth minerals. These deposits also collect in the tissues and muscles.

The body immobilizes  (stops) any part of the body that needs repairs. For example, a sprained wrist becomes stiff and a strained muscle becomes stiff  (called nature's cast). An injured part of the body remains sore or stiff until repaired.  If repairs are not made then that part becomes permanently stiff (calcified), or immobilized.

In the case of arthritis, the body itself becomes stiff like a cast or immobilized. In the case of waste in the bone joints while rheumatism is waste in the muscles. Both conditions can be from constipation caused by poor diet.

    Vitamin C, calcium-magnesium, bromelain, potassium, B< B6, E, brewer's yeast, sea water 2-3n tbsp., pantothenic acid, bioflavonoids, sod, niacinamide, zinc, copper and manganese.
  • HERBS: Burdock, orris, slippery elm, bladderwrack, devil's claw, buckthorn, poke berries, chaparral, sassafras, ragwort, peppermint, yucca, corn silk.
  • GRANDULAR: Adrenal, pancreas, liver.
  • AMINO ACID: Histidine, cysteine.
  • HOMEOPATHIC: Phos. ferr, kali, mur, silicea, calc. flour.
  • FOOD: Raw potatoes (grated in salads), carrots, cherry juice, celery, aloe vera, pineapple, red beets, yucca, kiwi, grape leaves.

Arnica oil, yarrow oil, castor oil, ginger oil, camphor oil for rubbing. To make an oil pack use 2 tablespoons of each oil in a pan. Heat oil slowly, pour water on top of oil (to prevent evaporation); heat until oil simmers. Pour off the water, then dip flannel cloth in oil. Use enough cloth to wrap affected parts. If more oil is needed use more castor oil. After dipping flannel cloth in oil, place on the affected part (rub affected part with camphor oil first). Cover the flannel cloth with plastic and place a heating pad over the part. Keep heating pad on for at least 1 hour.

To make a poultice use 2 tbsp. ginger root, 2 tbsp. horseradish. 1 tbsp. orris root, 3 tbsp. slippery elm powder and 1 tbsp. red cayenne pepper to 1 cup of water or 1 oz herb to 20 oz. of water. Add hot water and mix herbs together until it forms into a paste. Spread the herb paste on a white cotton cloth with a white plastic sheet. Then wrap with a dry towel. Leave poultice on joint for at least 1 hour or until poultice becomes painful.



Asthma is a dis-ease reaction that causes the bronchial tubes ( small parts of the lungs which look like bulbs) to contract. The mucous membranes (skin in lungs) swell with fluid mucous  (which is undigested blood).

The body needs excessive  (large quantities) amounts of air in order to burn (breakdown) toxins, white sugar, alcohol, synthetic chemicals and allergens, which irritate the lungs causing fluid to come in order to protect the membranes.

This excessive work makes the lungs tired and causes dis-eases and dis-ease reactions.

Asthma is usually caused by allergic reactions to adulterated foods or hypertensive or emotional upsets, which trigger an allergic reaction.

Asthma, like all other dis-eases and dis-ease reactions, is wholistic (combined body, mind and spirit). Therefore, it requires a wholistic cure.

Contra-indicated foods that should be avoided are animal flesh, cow's milk, alcohol, cigarettes and all processed foods (junk food).

    Vitamin C, A, E, B6, D, F, bee pollen capsules or tablets, manganese, garlic capsules and pantothenic acid.
    Alfalfa, camomile, coltsfoot, comfrey, kelp, mullein, lobelia, marjoram, goldenseal, hyssop, valerian, ginseng, arnica, anise, myrrh.  
    String-bean juice, cucumber, parsley, garlic, lecithin, celery, watercress, brewer's yeast.
    Nat. Sulph.

    Adrenal, Liver, Heart, Pancreas
  • Glutamine, Aspartic acid.

    Mag, Phos., Kali, Mur,
    Pancreas, adrenal
Reference: African Holistic Health: Liaila O. Afrika- Dick Gregory  

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