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The Overlooked Revolution

There is an overlooked revolution in Black worldwide culture. Socially, Black people have cried for a revlution for freedom, justice, seld-identity, self-destiny, equality and the reaffirmation of African medical treatment concepts. Today Blacks are totally enslaved by another culture's  (European)  diet and medical code They have become a Black Nation of Nutritional Uncle Toms and heve been denied the human right to practice their Culture's medicine (1.e... denied insurance coverage for herb and folk medicine).

Traditionally, the Africanization of European culture has occured in Black culture. For example. Africanization of English has resulted in Negro Dialect. Africanized European music resulted in jazz. Africanized religious music resulted in Gospel, the Africanization of waltz resulted in the jitterbug and the impact of this African thrust has caused Black (African) Studies in colleges. Also, the reclaiming of African clothes and garments, hairstyles (cornrows), languages, names, and history have demonstrated the extent of the social revolution. Yet one major step has been overlooked in this process: the reclaiming of African herbal medicine and wholistic natural foods diet and lifestyle.

Wholistic thinking is the key to understanding European cultural bias and white racism as applied to diet and medicine. Wholism means that everything (i.e., air, water, fire, earth, electricity, colors, metal) has a form (physical body), psychic, and spirit energy state. this wholistic concept was a part of African cultures - cultures that existed before the Sahara Lake became the Sahara Desert.The Sahra Lake civilizations and pre-Egypt, pre-Mail, pre-Shanghai, pre-Timbuctu societies are hidden in ancient religious writing and never included in African studies. In any case, European cultural bias and racism contaminate all medical and dietary writings. In fact, all Chinese, Japanese, and Hindu cultures and their forms of yoga, meditation, exercise, diagnosis, treatments are biased in that they accentuate their own cultural frame  of reference and disregard the African frame reference. African civilization  (frame reference) was built on a distinct approach to natural foods, wholistic diets, and herbal medicine.

If Blacks accept European wholistic health whitewash, they are saying that their ancestors were ignorant. How ca any Black say that Africa culture which produced  calculus, psychology, bureaucracy, biology, medicine, astronomy, algebra, architecture, alchemy and anatomy is ignorant of the importance of a distinct wholistic diet and medicine form? There are too many examples to refute this ignorance. The medical writings of Imhotep (Egyptian God of Medicine) are the oldest medical documents written. Imhotep's books were stolen from Africa and are presently at the Karl Marx University in Liepzig Germany. He wrote over 10 volumes on holistic treatments, diets, and foods over 2000 years before Mr. Hippocrates  (European father of medicine) was born. In addition, part of Imhotep's principles appear in The Canon of Medicine- medical books written by a Muslim named Avicenna who was also black.

He and another Muslim Black named Rhazes influenced European medicine. In fact, Rhazes wrote about a hundred medical books which utilized natural foods, herbal remedies, and diets. His books were used extensively by all major European medical schools in the 15th and 16th centuries. Of course, the afore-mentioned works are distorted and contaminated by the cultural and racial biases of the European translators. Nonetheless, the African Wholistic natural foods and herbal concepts clearly in their works.  

Europeans culturally distorted  all sciences by fragmentation, or so-called analytical concept, which is based on separation, in other words they separated the mind, the body, and the spirit. Consequently, Europeans treat the mind in a psychiatric clinic, the spirit in a church, and the body in a hospital, While African science includes the body, mind and spirit as a whole-Wholistically. In fact, European science the spirit's affect on the body, mind, diet, or herbal science. Subsequently, Blacks cannot adopt European or any alien culture's diet and health practices  without first Africanizing it.

Africanization of alien (non-African) cultures means placing the intelligence of the spirit, mind, and body as the foundation. This should be done because other cultures establish and maintain their sciences to meet heir social needs. Similarly, wholistic foods or medicine written by a Chinese, Japanese or the commander of the Nazi party is unacceptable to Black folks. There is not one institution  (science, mathematics, physics, chemistry) in European culture which has not become wet from soaking in 3'000 years of white racism. So it follows that European wholistic health and medicine has been stained by racism. Many obvious facts point to the need to abandon European wholism other than the racism involved.

Blacks have specific nutritional and dietary needs. These nutritional needs arise because Blacks have specific bodily differences as compared to other races and cultures. For example, over 70% of Black people (worldwide) cannot digest cattle milk. In addition, the intestinal florae (bacteria, virus, fungus and yeast) that naturally live in Black people's intestines are unique to Blacks. Subsequently, Blacks assimilate food in the intestines differently. Also, despite centuries of living in countries outside of Africa, their intestinal florae are the same as it was in their ancestors, stomachs, 2,000 years ago in Africa. Melanin (black color pigment) is obviously most abundant in Blacks. This melanin aids in protecting Blacks from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. It also increases the speed of nerve and brain messages which are transmitted between the left and right hemispheres of the brain and all nerve signals transmitted throughout the bodily nerve network.

The Black woman's vagina is longer and the minor lips of the vagina are larger than women of other races. This means that the Black woman's birth channel is more efficient and sealed tighter. Black people's blood crystalizes differently from caucasians' blood. These are some of the many reasons why Blacks have a unique nutritional, medical and dietary need.

African Holistic Health: (Third Edition) Llila O. Afrika: Dick Gregory  

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