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african holistic healthafrican holistic healthafrican holistic healthafrican holistic healthafrican holistic health


It is usually caused by a combination of non-wholistic practices such as poor nutrition, environmental pollution, destructive eating habits and deteriorating body health. internal and external. Many other factors can cause this dis-ease reaction such as, high and low blood pressure, acid ash, fat, deposits, thermal glandular fatigue, loss of vein and artery flexibility.

The current fad that heart attacks are caused by high cholesterol levels resulting in atherosclerosis was started in 1913. It is founded upon given toxic levels of cholesterol to rabbits (liver too small to break down fats). Further, the researcher never realized that the research was on dis-ease damage and never gave dis-ease damage any significance. (N.Anitschkow article titled On Variations in the Rabbit Aorta in experimental feeding.BEITR PATH ANAT V ALLGEM PATH 56:378,Heart Disease-African H1913)

Ironically since 1877 heart attacks have been scientifically proven (over and over again) to be related to thyroid malfunctions. WM ORD "Transactions Med-Churg Society  London" 60-61:57, 1877-78, Diseases of the Endocrine Glands by Zondek, 1944. L.M.HURXTHAL article "blood cholesterol and thyroid dis-ease" in Archives Internal Medicine  53:762, 1934. Also, at Harvard University in 1925 heart attack was related to thyroid weakness.

The thyroid merely reacts to the bodily ill health of the individual . Illness can be caused by poor diet, cooked food, (plants and flesh), immunosuppressive drugs, and synthetic chemicals. Or it is the systemic (general) health of a person that causes this dis-ease (and all others). Claude Bernard and Louis Pasteur in the 19th century indicated that an individual who makes his body dis-eased is more dangerous than any other bacteria.


Vitamin C, B complex, B6, E and Niacin. Also, calcium, bark magnesium, phosphorous, potassium.


Cayenne, rosemary, horsetail, Cinchona (rythm disorders), Hawthorn berries, Mistletoe, black cohosh, broom, motherwort, melissa.



High blood, stress and hypertension are usually caused by a lack of proper nutrition.Improper nutrition weakens the internal organs, immune system, and lowers the organs' abilities to utilize nutrients which feed the body. The body begins to starve, because the loss of proper nutrients create a nutritional debt. Moreover the nutritionally starved body tries to get more nutrients to pay the debt. Consequently, the body demands more food (nutrients in the blood) by drawing on poor  (below -nutrient-level) blood. In order to increase the blood supply the body begins to increase the pressure. The increase in pressure is the body's attempt to feed itself. So it follows that, this increase in pressure is the body's last resort to defend itself against the body pollutions, gland disorders, free radicals, kidney weakness, hypertension, overweight, emotional stress, toxemia deteriorating metabolism, etc., and a foodless food (junk food) diet.

However, the increased blood pressure fails to feed the body because fibre less enzyme depleted diet is poor in blood nutrients. This results in hypertension and stress. Similarly the blood nutrients can only be changed by a wholistic natural diet. Additionally, the blood can have an accumulation of waste floating in it and this can cause it to lose its flexibility. Also, waste can cause the blood to move slow and have dis-ease cells crowding healthy cells.The end result of this floating blood cesspool is subclinical starvation. There is a blood supply with no food to feed the body. Consequently, the pressure is elevated in order to get food at the ratio demanded  and also to carry more waste and air. Accordingly, this rise in blood pressure demands more food and further causes a nutritional unpaid debt.This is a case of nutritional suicide as high blood pressure causes high pressure which in turn causes an extreme loss loss called low blood pressure. Subsequently, high and low pressure are caused by dis-ease. 

The stress reaction does not result in hypertension resulting in heart dis-ease, arterial hypertension and nervous disorder. Stress reactions trigger the release of adrenaline. However, wild animals  have larger adrenal glands than tamed (domesticated) animals. Consequently, wild animals produce more adrenaline and are under more stress and they do not have dis-eases associated with dtress. If stress were the cause of dis-ease rather than poor blood then the black chattel slaves would have died of stress.It is the nutrient poor body which is caused by immunosuppressive-drugs (antibiotics, etc.0, fiberless food, cooked food and free radicals (waste) that causes dis-ease reaction of hypertension, stress, etc.

SUPPLEMENTS B complex, inositol, Choline, Vitamin B15, C, E,
AMINO ACID Tryptophane,Taurine
HERBS Hops, Valerian, Sulp[h, Passion flower, chamomile
FOODS Brewers's Yeast, avocado, dates, eggplant, tomatoes, almonds



Kali. Pdos. Calc.Nat. Phos.

Adrenal, Orchid (for men only)



SUPPLEMENTS B complex, B6, Inositol, Pantothenic Acis, Vitamin C, E, Bioflavonoids
AMINO ACID Methionine, Cysteine
HERBS Hawthorn berry, Garlic cayenne.
FOODS Broccoli, Kunaquats, jujube, spinach, turnip, greens, barley, guvas, canaloupe.
GLANDULAR Spleen, pancreas, kidney



SUPPLEMENT B complex,Vitamin C, E, K, bee pollen,Octocosanol
AMINO ACID Phenolalantine
HERBS Gingseng, Goldenseal,Ginger,Cayenne, Garlic, parsley
FOODS Black walnut, figs, dates, pumpkin,currants, pignolia nuts.
GLANDULAR Adrenal, Liver



SUPPLEMENTS B complex, Pantothenic acid, inositol, niacinamide, calcium, magnesium
 AMINO ACID Tryptophane, Tyrosine,Aspartic
HERBS Valerian, Foti Teng, Saffron, Gingseng, Cayenne, Alfalfa 
HOMEOPATHIC Calc.Sulph., salicea
FOOD Lecithin (p.c.), Brewer's yeast, corn, pecans, broccoli, kale, tomatoes, barley
GLANDULARS Adrenal, Liver 


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Reference:African Holistic Health: Liaila O. Afrika



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