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 African Wholistics - Medicines, Machines and Ignorance

The orthodox medical field (non-wholistic, non-natural) relies on machines and so-called technology. These modern machines, technology and gadgets are presumed to improve the human capacity to diagnose and treat the body. Similarly, it is assumed humans lack the ability to diagnose at the level of a modern machines (i.e., computers). An examination of ancient medical theory, diagnosis and treatment can help to dissolve the modern primitive medical addiction to machines.The history of medicine and medical treatments is well-defined. In fact, pre-Egyptian medical science was construed by the same black scientific intelligence that construed calculus, algebra, astronomy, architecture, physics, and ecology.

These natural wholistic scientific treatments which used no contemporary fuel driven machines, gadgets or technology are documented in the African "Ebers Papyrus" (1500 B.C.), Canon of Medicine by Avicenna and the "Medical Papyrus of Amen-Hotep" (written over 2,000 years before Hippocrates' birth). Additionally, the Chinese "Pen Tsao" (over 1,000 B.C.) further documents the scientific analysis of dis-ease states without machines. Also, "The Yellow Emperors Classic of Chinese Medicine" further substantiates diagnosis with reliance on human development of abilities.

Contemporary technology is not an advancement in medicine but a sign of ignorance. It cannot replace the human ability, capacity and potential to diagnose dis-ease and perform treatments. The medical scientists were always obligated to teach individuals. Organic (wholistic) medical scientists were devoted to teaching healthy individuals to improve physical, mental and spiritual health. The medicine man taught dis-eased individuals to recover health and improve organic health. Moreover, each individual was taught that all senses were active and passive and all dis-eases were active and passive. This was taught to all individuals along with physical duty, mental duty and spiritual duty in life.

The life (existence) of human beings was seen on the physical, mental and spiritual levels. Each of these levels of human life was sublimely analyzed. Consequently, an imbalance ( dis-ease) in any level of life represents an imbalance on the other two levels of life. The African physicans and health professionals had to first develop their own human detection sensitivity capacities on all levels before they could treat the dis-eased individual. This wholistic (organic) development eliminated the need for the use of electrical and fuel driven machines, gadgets and so-called modern technology. Physicians balanced with dis-ease detection intelligence on those levels realized that wisdom is inherent in individuals, not machines. It was wisdom manifested (physical) and unmanifested (spiritual) that guided the medicine men/women.

Medicine men were guided in treatment by the wisdom that all organs are related to each other, in that the human developed as an undifferentiated mass (egg) in which all organs and organ systems were connected together. The organs began to specialize in functions (i.e., lungs for breathing, etc.) However, they never lost their inherent connection to the whole body. In fact, every cell in the body possesses the genetic code (fingerprint of the body). So it follows that, any part of the body can be used to analyze organs. The internal organs have nerve endings in the feet, hands, head, teeth, tongue, etc. All organs in the body are connected (related) to each other, similar to the telephone systems in the world. Moreover these connections coupled with human sublime ability development and spirit wisdom allowed the physician to make precise organic diagnosis and treatment modalities. Hence, the need for machines, gadgets and technology was never necessary or developed by African medical scientists.

A fuel driven machine, gadget or technology does not possess wisdom. A machine, be it a bullet or a bomb, will kill an enfant child. Particles of metals or plastics do not possess wisdom or the power of wholistic human knowledge. Consequenty, a sophisticated computerized medical testing machine does not reflect the intelligence of men. These machines reflect the interaction of particles of metal. Besides, no machine possesses more knowledge than the maker. And, no modern fuel (electrical) driven machine possesses the wisdom and power of the unmanifested (spirituality) of humans. Accordingly, any human who relies totally on machines is reflecting an ignorance and a lack of ability for wholistic  (body, mind, and spirit) development and training.

Historically, African medicine was found upon wholistic intelligence that produced all of the sciences. This pre-Egyptian medical science is between 20,000  and 100,00 years old. In fact it is the oldest medical science on the planet. The Westcar Papyrus (1550 B.C) of the 18th Dynasty has stories form the early empires which date before the Great Pyramid and they make reference to priest/herbalist doctors of King Khufu (Cheops) of the 4th Dynasty (3800 B.C). Most importantly, Herataf, son of King Khufu, mentions a surgeon named TET. African medicine used the full scope and capacities of wholistic calculus and other sciences. Consequently, the realization that the use of fuel driven machines as a limitation in medicine was well-known.

This is the reason for the absence of "machine" use in ancient medical practice and medical text. Ironically, the Europeans only understand between 25 to 40 percent of calculus and other mathematical concepts in the Great Pyramids in Africa. it is the use of the limited European understanding of this wholistic mathematics called calculus which has produced the so-called modern machines of computers, spaceships, automobiles and nuclear bombs. The other 75 percent of the mathematics is beyond the scope of non-wholistic  (non-organic) thinkers and Europeans.The Rhind mathematical papyrus (1650 B.C.) is the oldest text on mathematics, it was the wholistic understanding of the remaining 75 percent of mathematics in the pyramids which the so-called ancient medical scientists used to practice medicine. It can be seen that the ancient scientists had the mathematical capacity to build machines of any type. Obviously, since they chose not to use machines, they did not need machines.

African Holistic Health: (Third Edition) Llila O. Afrika: Dick Gregory 

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