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Colds and Flu
Colds are a commercial term given to disease. Colds are a bodily defense reaction to a toxic or polluted septic body system and/or imbalanced body chemistry (minerals, vitamins, etc.). The common accepted ignorance is that one can "catch a cold". A "cold" is developed, not caught. You cannot "catch healthy" by standing near a healthy person. So it follows that you cannot catch a cold by contacting some strange virus., A dis-eased (toxic) body has little defense  against a strange virus, and this is the perfect environment for them.

The catarrhal (mucous) discharge called a "cold" is the body's attempt to rid itself of waste  (toxic impurities) that it could not pass out through the bowels (manure) or urine or perspiration. This dis-eased mucus drains out the body via the lungs and nasal passage and is ignorantly callaed a "cold."
Generally, it is caused by constipatio or a diet of partial foods (junk foods) which produces partial health known a a dis-ease. The body is not "at-ease" it is in the state od "dis-ease" called a "cold."

Vitamin C (5,000 to 10,000mg.) taken hourly or 3 to 6 times a daay. Vitamin complex, B6, A, E, calcium, zinc, bee pollen, bioflavonoids, garlic folic acid, iodine, silicon, digestive enzyme.

Goldenseal, ginger, rose hip, camomile, watercress, desert tea, echinacea, fenugreek, sage, chaparral, lemon grass.

Beets, lemon, pineapple, green pepper, kiwi, karamboa, mango, tomato.

Amino Acid
Cysteine, ornithine, histidine, tryptophan, arginine.

spleen, thymus

Calc. Phos., Ferr. Phos

Constipation is hard or loose fecal matter (diarrhea). Several reasons for this are: !) too little water (should be 1 fluid ounce for each 2 pounds of normal body weight); 2) non-fiber foods (refined wheat, sugar); 3) preservatives (retards digestion); 4) too little exercise; 5)eating too late (should have a late meal 4 or five hours before going to sleep; 6) digestive organs (liver, stomach, pancreas, etc.); 7) food combining); 8) junk foods; and 9) imbalances. It takes four hours for the stomach to empty. No meal or snack should be eaten until the stomach is emptied or else constipation will result. Gas, bad breath, coated tongue, hard stools, and loose stools (manure) are all indications of constipation. Also, a failure to have one bowel movement for each meal eaten indicates constipation. 

B complex, B1, choline, inositol, A, C, brewer's yeast, wheat bran, rice bran, oat bran, corn germ, magensium and calcium lactate.

Slippery elm, black root, senna, raspberry, cascara sagrada, licoruce, psyllium, ginger, flaxseed, dandelion, buckthorn, mandrake.

Spinach, garlic, black radish, watercress, sauerkraut juice.

Amino Acid
Methionine, phenylalanine.

Ferr. Phos, Nat. phos.

Liver, Thyroid, Thymus.

Muscle, Menstrual Cramps
Cramps can be caused by the muscles not getting the proper nutrients or not getting enough oxygen which results in lactic acid waste. The nutritionally starved muscles cannot relax; this is called a cramp. In addition, the body may not be able to burn (metabolize) the nutrients if they are present. Muscles rely largely upon minerals- particularly magnesium, potassium, calcium, and vitamins B6 and D. Furthermore, an acid condition of the body can burn up the alkalines (minerals).

Vitamin B6, D, e, pantothenic acid, calcium, magnesium, potassium, silica, sodium and GABA.

Kelp, orris, blue cohosh, licorice (female) shavegrass, comfrey, dandelion, belladonna, cayenne, saffron, oatstraw, lobelia, thyme, alfalfa, sarsparilla(female)

Sea water, sweet fruits and juices, beets, cucumbers, carrots, whole grains, sesame seeds.

Adrenal, Liver, Prostrate

Amino Acid
Trytophan, glycine, DLPA.

Mag. Phos.

Diabetes is a pancreas dis-ease. The condition exists when the body has sugar (natural fuel for the body) in it, but fails to recognize it. So, the body urinates out the sugar. Usualy, the urine will become morbid and change in odor and color. The result of this is weight loss, loss of appetite, continuous thirst, and an overworked pancreas. The pancreas secrets insulin which burns sugar. Sugars that do not burn insulin, such as fructose, may be used. However fructose damages the liver.

Diabetes is usually caused by overeating and is commonly found in so-called affluent or rich countries. It is caused by eating refined carbohydrates  (bleached white flour and refined sugar). Also, eating excessive amounts of animal flesh and animal fats (fats and proteins change to sugar in te body) causes diabetes.

Vitamin B complex, B6, F, C, E, A, D, niacin (niacinamide) minerals such as chrominum, potassium and manganese.

Uva ursi, alfalfa, cayenne, comfrey, mullein, dandelion, cedar berries, centeeurea, goldenseal, raspberry, blueberry leaves, sinta, periwinkle.


Reference: African Holistic health: llaila O. Afrika- Dick Gregory

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