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African Holistics - Seduced by Ignorance and Research

Research is used to investigate a subject in order to find facts. However, research as used by Europeans has other meanings. Europeans have an overabundance of research projects and institutions and devote large sums of money to them. When you research any subject it means that you lack knowledge about the subject. In other words, your are ignorant of the subject and research will gain you knowledge about the subject. In this case we have a civilization (European) that is ignorant.

African civilization did not and has not lacked knowledge. Ancient Africa was the first civilization that used its vast knowledge base to master technology and holistic medicine. The major problem that the Europeans have with African functional research is that it is holistic. It is written by using words as structural, mental and spiritual symbolism called homonyms (identity by Europeans).

This rythmatic conceptual, organic and cyclical written language of Africans  used to explain a cyclical, organic and rythmatic conceptualized science is difficult for Europeans to comprehend. Consequently, Europeans have devised a way to translate and fragment African science so that they can understand it.They call this fragmented translation  "Research".

They use non- holistic laboratory studies, statistics and experiments to understand African functional research. It is obvious that the Pyramids took functional research established over 5'000 years before they were built. In other words , the research era in Africa was over and only products of past research appear such as the pyramids of Giza. The functional research for holistic medicine was arrived at long before the ancient texts (papyrus) were written.

Written documents evidence that African functional research was done holistically. The Turin Papyrus is 54,000 years old (11th to 12th Dynasties) The 12th to 13th dynasties include the Ramesseum papyrus and the Kahun papyrus. The 18th dynasty has the Ebers papyrus, the Hearst and Edwin Smith papyrus are full text, comprehensive and are used more and more by holistic medical scholars.

The creation and introduction of medical terms is African. These papyri and other writings gave the world these terms: Kidney, saliva, dura mater, sarrow, testicles. bucca cavity, esophagus, brain, throat, tongue, bile, urine, uterus, vulva, stomach, ear, intestines, trachea, lung, spinal cord, heart, eye, disease, rectum, diaphragm, labia, vagina, perspiration, liver gall bladder, baldness, muscle, cerebraspinal fluid, spleen, air, obesity, bone, abdomen and many other terms. This indicates beyond a shadow of a doubt that research was done and knowledge obtained by Africans.

The constant demand of Europeans for scientific proofs, statistics and research documentation is their search for knowledge . Once the knowledge is translated and applied in a scientific way, Europeans label the research "modern" or a recent discovery. This word "modern" makes you forget that the research was already done. Much of European research is knowledge rape of African research  and a form of racism and cultural bias.

The European rediscovery of African knowledge by contemporary Europeans should be properly labeled primitive and ancient. They seduce themselves into believing that gynocology, opthalmology and other medical sciences are modern when in fact, Athotis, the son of Mena (circa 3,000 BC), wrote an encyclopedia on the subject of medicine to compound this ignorance, non-holistic, non-Africentric, and racist historians such as Diodorus, Strabo, Herodotus  and Monetho personally reported on the research on ancient Africa.

However, this fact is ignored by "modern" day European scientists and historians. These cultural spies  (historians) helped to create the present historical ignorance. Europeans in search of knowledge have invented a new ignorance  called "research" and have become seduced by their own ignorance. An Afri-centric scientist must use Afri-centri research in its fullness in order to maintain the health of our race.

Reference: African Holistic Health: (Third Edition) Llila O. Afrika: Dick Gregory  


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