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The Mystery System 

The medical practitioners of Africa received formal education by being initiated in the mystery system. A medical student was selected for initiation just as students are selected for college via scores and personality profile.

The students (initiates) could participate in their education on a general educational level called EXOTERIC learning or on a higher level called ESOTERIC.

The mystery system has seven degrees  (levels or steps) of learning before completion. The first degree educates you in the coarse or base aspects of medicine and known as PASTORPHOROS.

This system is not confined to medicine and includes all known and unknown sciences.

However, the initiate could be educated for a specific area or talent or a complexity of areas. In any case, upon completion of the first degree the student advances to the NEOCOROS degree which focuses on the structural energy of medicines such as the energy of shapes  (squares, Pyramids, triangles, obelisks).

Then, the forces of non-polarized energy such as the energy state which is created between the death and life state.

The KISTOPHORUS degree is next and the student learns how to will the inherent law of plants, crystals, metals, colors, magnets, music, etc.

The fifth degree is BALAHATE where the student learns the science of nature and the interactions of alchemic laws.


 Then the sixth degree is in the ASTRONOMOS and the student learns the manipulation of the cosmic forces and their reaction in the cells, vitamins, and minerals in the body and on the galaxy.

The seventh degree is the PROPHETA and the student learns all the secrets of the higher mystery system and becomes a god. Interesting to note, the word god is not meant in the European orthodox sense.

In African culture, if a chicken had an offspring (children) they were called chickens. So it follows that, if god had children (man) they would be called gods.

However, the title of god was earned via the mystery system. The course completion could take up to 13 years or more.

The selection of a student into the esoteric mystery system would take from 2 to 3 years. Hippocrates spent at the most extreme estimate 2 years or less in Africa.

Consequently, his knowledge of medicine would have been the exoteric or general mystery system course.

Further, this would indicate that Greek medicine is based upon the first books ( first degree) of African medical science.

Yet with this limited knowledge Hippocrates cured approximately 3'000 people in his lifetime.

Moreover, he used the books stolen from Africa along with the information taught by the Priest/monk health practitioners of the Escalypius Temple cult.

Reference: African Holistic Health :Liaila O. Afrika- Dick Gregory


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