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The prostrate (or male uterus) is two small glands that are somewhat wrapped around the urethra (urine tube). This urine tube leads from the kidney and connected to the bladder. The prostrate makes a liquid that is used in the seminal fluid . The prostrate is often abused and this leads to problems and pain. The pain may be between the scrotum  (sack that contains two round like ball testicles) and the rectum, with associated lower back pain, fever, burning sensation and constant urination. This is an inflamed prostrate. If the urine starts slow and the stream starts and stops, or the stream is very small, there is a prostrate enlargement. 

The usual cause of prostrate problems is abuse. There are many types of abuse, for example, sexual activity irrespective and regardless of the male cycle, and too trequent ejaculation. Additionally, tight pants and synthetic underwear causes thermal fatigue and do not allow the temperature of testicles to be regulated. Also, hormonal fluctuations caused by synthetic foods, immunosupressive drugs (i.e. asprin, white sugar), alcohol, vinegar, salt, smoking, and veneral dis-ease.


Kyolic, Vitamin A, B complex, B6, C, E, Chromium, vitamin F, bee pollen, Chlorophyll, Lecithin, Pumpkinm seed oil capsules.


Hypoglycemia is a dis-ease symptom reaction.

It occurs because the body is low (hypo) in blood sugar (glycemia). When the body gets large amounts of sugar it recieves a rush of energy, but it alos requires large amounts of energy to burn the large amounts of sugar. The body becomes exhausted from burning great amounts of sugar. This exhaustion occurs because the body is low in blood sugar.Further,all fats, proteins and starches are naturally changed to sugar within the body and thus create more blood sugar. This blood sugar is used up burning the large amounts of sugar. The sugars are usually taken in the form of refined white sugar and refined bleached white flour (both are refined carbohydrates).

In order for the body to burn up the sugar the pancreas must make insulin. Beside this, the excess insulin released to burn up the sugar also burns up the normal blood sugar, causing a drastic drop. The drop in blood sugar level has many symptoms(warnings of dis-ease) such as fatigue, depression, nervousness, irritability and memory failures.
The typical junk food diet is composed of between 75 to 150 pounds of white sugar per year. Aside from obvious sugars there are sugars in milk, table salt, catsup,mustard, mouthwash, salted nuts, medicines, toothpaste, etc.

Sugar is added to salted products to make the salt taste more salty. It is also added to foods to make them addicting (get you hooked on the product). The majority of affluent folks (Europeans) are sugar addicts. In fact sugar is the first addiction of alcoholics, cigarette addicts and drug addicts (legal/or illegal drugs).

A hypoglycemic person should avoid all white sugar (read labels), bleached white flour, and junk foods.

Vitamin A, B complex, B6, B12, C, E, Pantothenic Acid, Zinc, Magnesium, Potassium, Kyolic, Magnesium Chloride, Chromium.
Licorice, Kelp, Spirulina, Wild Yam,Juniper berries, Horseradish, Kiwi, Dandelion.

Whole Wheat, Nuts, Grains, Seeds, Pomegranate, any fresh vegetable and fruits.

Liver, Brain, Adrenal, Pancreas.

Glutamine, Cysteine

Nat. Phos.

It is sometimes recommended to eat at least 8 small meals a day, and have dried fruit snacks.

Books such as My Battle With Low Blood Sugar by G.Thienell and Body Mind and Sugar by C. Abrahamson and A. Pezet are informative.

Reference: African Holistic Health:Llaila O. Afrika

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