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The Benefits of Eating Groats

Groat image

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Benefits by Iyanuoluwa Oyetunji

Master of Science in Medicine, specialization in Human Nutrition · 2 years of experience · South Africa

  • Groats are grains with a high level of antioxidants. These antioxidants helps to fight free-radicals in the body and prevent several inflammatory conditions and some cancers.
  • Groats are very rich in fiber. Fiber may help to maintain weight by restricting calories. Fibers also binds to excess fats and sugar in the gastrointestinal tract, remove them while adding bulk to stool.


Benefits by Carolina Castro

PhD Candidate (Health Services), Post Graduate Functional Clinical Nutrition, Bachelor's Degree Nutrition and Dietetics · 7 years of experience · Australia

  • Groat is gluten free, so is an option for celiac individuals.
  • Groat is high in fiber, so it is positive to prevent cardiovascular disease, better digestion and manage blood sugar.

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This is for information purpose only, and should not be considered as a substitute for medical expertise. These are opinions from an external panel of individual doctors, and not to be considered as opinion of Microsoft. Please seek professional help regarding any health conditions or concerns.

Reference: Story by Iyanuoluwa Oyetunji, Carolina Castro 

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